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The Purpose of Beautiful Exchange is to encourage, empower, and
inspire young girls/women of all background & beliefs to PRESS towards purpose
using the pain and pressures of the past as stepping stones to GREATNESS.

 The overall mission is to empower, encourage, and improve the mind & spirit of all in need -
helping them to radiate & reflect their true identity and beauty.

 Crystal Davis is the Founder & CEO of Beautiful Exchange, LLC. She's a Minister, Certified Life Coach,

Mentor, Life-Long Server, Motivator of people & Aspiring AuthorShe's also a dedicated Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister & Friend. Crystal wears many hats but she wears them with passion and love.

A Clayton State Graduate, she has a way of viewing things with a lens of light. With a nurturer’s heart – many of the young trust her with their innermost feelings. She served in the medical support field for nearly 10 years; her last 12 years have been with the government in various capacities – most important, as a facilitator, marketing professional, and manager/leader.


She has endured many hardships that she uses as ‘Power Pellets” to encourage

the hearts of others – understanding the journey is/was never about her, but for those that will cross her path. Her goal, to always leave a person/atmosphere different than it was upon her arrival – sharing her light where possible!

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You're not alone on this journey. Receive 1 on 1 coaching /group sessions. I want to help you through life's hurdles so you can take action & celebrate life's victories. 

Let's get back on track!


It's time to exchange merely surviving for a life of thriving. Come get empowered to go to the next level. With timely nuggets of inspiration and practical tips, you'll  turn potential into progress. 


Whether it's for a special event or a corporate function, I love to invigorate audiences with words of compassion, wisdom & direction based on biblical principles.

Radical improvement is the goal.


Need an accountability partner? We all do. From time to time we need someone to check in on us, require us to  soar higher and help us grow into our purpose. I especially have a heart for our youth who need it most.

For a FREE 15-Minute Consultation or for general inquiries/requests, fill out the form below:

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