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Our Reviews

Our mission is to bring hope and encourage others to live a life of clarity, peace, joy and purpose!

It's always a fulfilling to know our work is making a difference. We are honored by the reviews.


Guided by the belief that deeply-rooted values and Godly principles allow her to continually bloom, grow and stay
connected in an ever-changing world, Crystal Davis is authentically innovative and creative.  Her strength and
character are colorfully articulated in the life stories that she shares, and she engages easily with individuals of all
ages and walks of life.  Mrs. Davis is well-equipped for her journey ahead, but I am certain that she will work in
excellence to optimize every opportunity she encounters along the way.  I anticipate a resounding and positive
impact of the Beautiful Exchange experience. 

Hadiya Moore-Stigler 

Orator |Writer | Minister | Life Coach


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